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27 Jul 02 - Well I am now 5 days old and 7 pounds 8 ounces.  I also like to keep my parents up all night and sleep during the day.  My Dad is trying to change that.  I also peed on my Aunt Crystal yesterday.  It was funny.  My grandmothers are in town and I am very happy they are here.

5 Aug 02 - Hello World, I am two weeks old now.  This world is a very interesting place.  I went to the movies twice (slept through both of them).  I am learning to sleep at night with the help of Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Aunt Crystal.  Dad is really hard on me but I know it is because he LOVES Me.  I also peed on my Dad last night (he didn't think it was funny).  Well I will see you all next week.

15 August 02 - I am back, did you miss me?  I am 3 1/2 weeks old now.  My dad says I am growing fast.  I had my first Doctor's appointment this week and it was interesting until they held me down and stuck a needle in my leg (that was not fun).  I am OK though.  My dad was gone to Spain for the majority of the week but, he did bring me back a T-Shirt.  I sure missed him alot.  I have been smiling alot this week.  I don't why but I think it is my Mom making funny noises.  I have to go because I am hungry, talk to you next week.

22 August 02 - Hey family and friends, I am a month old today.  I feel like I am growing so fast.  I am almost 9 pounds and I am 21 inches long.  I got a bib and an outfit for my birthday.  Since we last talked I have been to Mommies work, the movies, and for walks.  I like being in the car too, because I get to see the world.  I had alot of visitors this pass week.  Nikki (my godmother) came by again, I met JT and Mabel, Bundy and Shaletha for the first time too.  I almost got this sleeping through the night thing down.  In another month I should be able to do it.  My Dad has been teaching me how to crawl but I can't get my hands to cooperate.  Thanks for visiting my site again and don't forget to check out the new pictures.

7 Sept 02 - What's up everyone, I hope all is good in your lives.  I am fine.  I will be 7 weeks old in 2 days.  I went to Las Vegas this past weekend.  I got to see my Uncle Warren (Welcome Back from Saudi Arabia), T-San, and my cousins (Sid, Kris, and Nigel).  I had lots of fun.  I tried to go to the casino but for some reason that didn't want me near the blackjack tables (something about being named Terrell Augurson).  Nigel and I got to play alot and he shared all his toys with me.  The only bad thing is my Dad got sick and was in bed (he is getting better now).  That's all that happened in the past couple of weeks.  Talk to you later.  

6 Oct 02 - I know what you are all thinking, "Why has it been a month?"  Well my Dad has been very busy lately.  I forgive him so, I hope you will.  First, there are a lot of NEW pictures on the site so make sure you check them all out.  I went to the Doctor again this month for a check-up.  I weigh 12.5 lbs. and I am 23 inches long.  I got four shoot and they did hurt a little.  I cried but I was not scared.  Dr. Wright said that I am doing really well.  Me and my dad went to the mall a few times and he took me to a bookstore and read books to me.  My GodMother (T-San) and family came to visit for my Dedication to the Lord.  It was great.  It was her birthday and we rum cake (not me) and a party.  There was a lot of people here.  My Mom and Dad played games with them and won as usual.  The next day we went to church and I was given back to the Lord.  My GodParents were there along with J.T. and Mabel.  They bought me this beautiful gift that you will have to see when you come over.  My Aunt Crystal came to visit for a weekend also.  We had lots of fun.  We played almost the whole weekend.  She brought me some cool clothes from Dallas.  That is briefly what happened in the Augurson household this past month.  My Dad told me to tell you that he will keep the page up from now on.  Until next time,  Bye - Bye.

20 Oct 02 - Hey family,  How are things going in your worlds?  I am fine.  I have been trying to talk lately.  I like to make all kinds of sounds.  My Dad and Mom have been busy lately and I have been spending alot of time with Grandma Wright.  Email me if you have time.  My Dad reads it to me.  

4 Dec 02 - It has been a long time since I have done my web page but I have been busy trying to learn how to grow up.  I had my first Halloween, I was a bumble bee.  I didn't sting anyone but my Mom and I gave out some candy.  My Dad left on a business trip to Washington for 3 weeks and I missed him.  I didn't recognize him when he got back but I knew his voice.  I also had my first Thanksgiving.  It was fun, I had milk, green beans, milk, sweet potatoes (my new favorite), and milk for my dinner.  People came over and we had lots of fun.  Besides all that I have been playing with Dad a lot.  He is a funny guy.  I went to my 4 month check-up yesterday and I am doing great.  The Doctors had to give me 5 shots.  I didn't cry until the second shot.  It hurt really bad.  Enjoy your holidays and I will see you in a month.

10 Jan 03 - Well it is a New Year and I am having fun.  My Parents bought a house and moved in over Christmas.  I now have a bigger room.  Christmas came and I got lots of presents.  I got new clothes, stroller, car seat, toys, money, and a super walker (you have to see it).  My Mom got clothes, books, and a new car.  My Dad got clothes and an electric shaver.  GrandMom got books, money, clothes, and a camera.  Antoine and Anesha came over and spent Christmas here too.  For my first New Years I stayed awake and hung out with my parents.  All my Aunt's came to visit for a week last week and we had fun playing and stuff.  I can't wait until they come again so we can play.  

11 Feb 03 - Another month has gone by and now I am almost 7 months old.  Doesn't life just fly by.  It seems like yesterday I was sleeping in the bed with my parents.  My GrandMom (Wright) left a week ago.  I miss her very much.  My Dad let me go visit her for a weekend since I missed her.  That was really fun because I took my first plane ride.  We were really high up.  I just looked out the window and fell asleep.  Mom said I was a good boy the whole trip.  I went to school too.  I met 8 new friends.  My new friends are teaching me to crawl and walk.  Enjoy my pictures.  

23 Mar 03 - Guess what, I am 8 months old now.  I can also crawl.  It is fun going where you want.  I just crawl right over.  I can stand up too.  This whole balance thing is hard to get though.  I will keep working on it.  My goal is to start walking before June.  My Mom goes to school in June. I was sick for a couple of weeks too.  It was not fun.  I cried alot.  My Parents told me it was because I have teeth coming in.  I feel better now.  See you later.

16 Apr 03 - Hello all my people.  Life is good this way.  Still working on the crawling thing.  I got a tooth.  It hurts really bad.  I wake up in the middle of the night and cry.  I like it though because I can bite food.  I went to Disneyland and to Las Vegas.  Disneyland was great.  I saw Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Cinderella, Hook, and Winne the Pooh.  I rode rides with my parents.  We also went to Las Vegas.  I saw T-San (my GodMother), Uncle Warren, Kris, and Nigel.  Now we are back home.  Check me new vacation section out.  It has all the pictures.  I have to go practice walking.

25 May 03 - Guess what everybody, I started walking yesterday.  I took four steps.  I think I can get used to this.  My parents were so excited, especially my Mom.  I also went to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party.  It was fun.  My Dad graduating from college this month.  I saw him and one day that is going to be me.  Aunt Crystal came and visited for her birthday.  We played and had fun all week.  Nothing else going on this month.  It might be a while before the pictures get updated because I am going to stay with my grandparents in Georgia.  I am sure my Dad will let you know though. Bye-Bye.....

16 Jun 03 - Hey all my friends, this will be the last update for a few months.  I am staying with my Grandparents in Georgia right now.  My Dad will not be able to help me with the site until he comes from Spain.  My Mom is in Texas right now and my Dad is getting ready to leave for Spain.  I MISS them a whole lot.  They have no idea.  Well this I have been busy this month.  I had my last day at school at DMAFB and my first day at Ms. Tonya's Daycare in Georgia.  I like it here she has a lot of toys and cooks us chicken for lunch.  I also went to Las Vegas and saw lots of family.  I met my great grandmother, Madear and my great Aunt T-Jewel for the first time.  I like them because they make me laugh.   I took a plane ride to Georgia also.  I am getting used to this flying stuff.  All I have to do is get on and fall asleep and when I wake up we are somewhere else.  Everyone take care and I will talk to you after Thanksgiving.

4 Aug 03 - Hello everyone I am updating my page sooner than I thought.  My Dad called me on the phone and told me what to do.  I am 1 year old now and I told him I am a big boy.  My birthday was 22 July and I had two birthday parties.  I got lots of presents and stuff.  I would like to thank all my family and friends for everything.  I also saw both my parents this past month and we had fun.  Right now they are still gone and I miss them soooooo much.  My Dad made it to Spain safely.  He doesn't like it but he said he would be alright.  My Mom is doing GREAT in school, she is at the top of her class.  Since my parents are gone there may not be any pictures until Christmas (I can't take pictures of myself).  Talk to you all around Christmas. 

23 Nov 03 - What's up friends and family, I am back in Arizona with my Mom and DAD.  It has been a very long time.  I missed them very much.  I had a great time with my Grandparents and Uncle Maurice.  I learned to walk and run while I was gone.  I can talk more too.  I actually understand what Mom and Dad are talking about now.  Next thing on my list is potty training.  My Dad said he will teach me.  I visited Louisiana while I was gone.  I saw all my Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.  I rode the plane again with my Mom.  I was very good.  This past week I got my first haircut.  It was fun.  I was not scared and I did not cry one tear.  I miss my hair but I can run faster now.  We are getting settled back in so enjoy the new pictures and have a Happy Turkey Day.

30 Dec 03 - Well the year has come to an end and it has been great for me.  I learned so many things this year.  I am not going to recap because it is all written above so you can go back if you like.  Currently I used my potty for the first time.  I tapped on my pamper and my Dad put me on the potty and I used it.  It plays a funny song when I pee.  I like my potty.  Thanksgiving was good.  We ate and just hung out at home.  Then we went on vacation.  We went to Florida first and my Dad's friend Jose got married to Myrna.  They are nice.  I also met Edwin, Cedric, Q-Netta, and a whole bunch of other people.  We went to DisneyWorld and I saw all kinds of characters.  Now I have been to both Disney's.  I hope we go again when I can ride the big rides.  Then we went to Mississippi to see Billi and her Daughter.  That was fun too.  Next we stop in Louisiana to see Madear and Granddaddy.  They played with me and gave me some dollars.  The next stop was to see my other Grandmother in Texas.  I stayed there and saw all my family on my Mom's side.  It was fun.  I have a whole lot of cousins.  We finally got home and it was Christmas.  I got a closet full of clothes and a bike and a computer.  Not to mention other toys that Santa brought me.  This pass month has been great and I had lots of FUN.  I hope my next year is just as good.  Happy New Year and I will see you next year.

4 Jun 04 - I know it has been a really long time since this site was updated but my Dad has been extremely busy.  Lots have happened in the last six months.  My Mom got a new car and my Dad got a motorcycle.  He lets me blow the horn on both of them.  I went to Dallas again and it was fun.  I love flying on the plane.  Driving there is not fun.  I am saying lots of words now.  My Parents always say quiet down.  I can't help but to be loud though.  I am still working on the potty thing.  I tell them when I have to go but sometimes it is too late.  I went to a state fair and the Zoo recently.  I like the Zoo alot.  There was a turtle bigger than me there.  I have also been hanging out with my Godmother Nikki.  My Dad got in a motorcycle accident and broke lots of bones.  Now I can beat him up.  He still wins sometimes though.  My Dad is tired so I will write more next month.  I can't  wait because I will be 2 next month.

31 Sep 04 - Hello to everyone again! I am two now and my Dad says I act like it too. I had two fun birthday parties this past month. One was in Dallas and one was here at home. I got lots of stuff. I changed schools this month too. My Parents say the prices at the old school were too high. I am know going to a Pre-Pre K school. I learn new stuff everyday. The other day I learned to draw a circle. The new school is fun but I miss my old teachers. My Dad is OK now. I can play with him rough again. I really missed that. I also have been getting in trouble at home lately. My Dad mentioned something about terrible twos. I am just being curious though. See you all later.

25 Sep 05 - Where do I start?  It has been a year since I have updated my page and journal.  Needless to say my Dad has been really busy.  I'm three years old and I've made lots of progress since then.  I'm potty trained now.  I can talk and my Dad says he actually knows what I'm saying.  I went to Dallas to visit 3 times in the past year.  Family has come to see me in Arizona twice.  Christmas was amazing.  I've never seen so many toys in one place.  I got a trampoline and a power wheels truck that kind of looks like my Moms.  Next my Dad left for officer school for about 5 months.  While he was gone we sold our house and moved into an apartment.  Then I found out my Mom had a little sister in her stomach.  I talked to her all the time.  My Dad graduated from officer school and then went to another school.  Since he was traveling I asked to stay with my Grandparents in Georgia.  I stayed there for the summer.  My Dad went through a hurricane in Mississippi, but he was OK.  My Mom packed up and moved from Arizona and picked me up on the way.  I also had a birthday BLAST at T-San's house in Gulfport, Mississippi.  It was like a family reunion.  Almost all of our family showed up and we had so much fun.  Email me if you want those pictures.  After that we made a long drive to Washington DC where we live now.  We got a house in Lorton, Virginia.  It is huge and I can run and play everywhere.  I got a new room that I love (pictures on "My Pics" page).  I go to a new school and the teachers are nice.  I have fun at show and tell every Friday.  The biggest news I have is my baby sister Nyla is here ( ).  She came out of my Moms stomach and has been here a week.  We get along OK but she likes it quiet all the time.  I have to touch her soft and wash my hands before I hold her.  I'm a little jealous because they always pay attention to her but I guess I have to share the attention.  On some days I tell my Mom to put her back in her stomach, but my Mom just laughs.  All and all I've had a great year and I LOVE MY SISTER.  Until next time...I hope it wont be a year.

25 Feb 06 - I'm doing great everyone!  I'm learning alot these days.  Colors, Numbers, ABCs, and how to be good.  The last lesson my Dad is teaching me.  I have been being bad lately, but I will learn how to be good.  I'm being a good Big Brother.  I play with my sister everyday and I make sure she doesn't cry.  I made some new friends since I've been in Virginia.  I had a good Thanksgiving and an even better Christmas.  I got everything I wanted and then some.  I went to my GrandParents house in January and visited with the majority of my family on my Dad's side.  It was really fun.  In a few months I'm going to see my Mom's family.  I will tell my Dad to put up pictures from that trip.  Talk to you later and Happy New Year.

18 Jun 06 - It has been another few great months for me!  I am almost 4 year old.  I will be a big boy then.  I am telling everyone that I am 4 right now to get some practice in.  I went on vacation in April.  I flew on the airplane to Texas with my Dad.  It was sooo much fun.  We played games and I got to see the Capt's chair.  We saw alot of family on both sides in Dallas.  My cousin Bridgett got married.  I was in the wedding and my Dad said I did real good.  It was fun seeing my whole family and I got to dance with the grown-ups at the reception.  It was great!  My friend Antoine came to visit me this month with his parents.  We did lots of things like go to the movies, play outside, go to the park, and fight over toys.  My favorite thing was going to Kings Dominion and playing at the water park.  My Sister is doing OK.  I am still being a good big brother, but she is crawling now and taking all my toys.  I have to teach her how to share. Bye!

25 Nov 06 - Hello all my Friends!  I am doing good.  A lot has happened in the past couple of months.  I moved into a new house and I like it.  I live across the street from a playground and me and Sister play there all the time.  I went to Baltimore to the aquarium with my Parents and it was great!  I saw a dolphin show and sharks!  I like sharks!  My Dad and I have been doing lots of stuff together.  We have been going to the movies and he takes me to Starbucks.  I had a birthday and now I am 4 years old and a big boy.  It was a Batman sleep over and all my friends came.  We went swimming and jumped on the trampoline.  My Aunt Crystal, Monica, and Toya came to visit and my Memo and PaPa from my Mom's side.  We had fun too.  Went to the stores and played a lot.  I also went to my other Memo and Papa's house for Thanksgiving.  We  played and ate a lot of turkey.  I had sooo much fun there because Papa let me play his piano and I got to see Uncle Bubba and Maurice.  Memo was sick but I gave her a hug and told her it will be OK.  I have to go eat so more turkey.  Talk to you all at Christmas time!!

5 May 07 - I have been on my Dad for months to do my web page and now he has done it.  He is at least staying consistent by doing it every 5 months.  I barely remember what I did since the last update.  I know we had Christmas and it was exciting.  I learned about Jesus' birthday and that we are supposed to give during this time.  I was good all year and Santa brought me lots of things.  There were clothes and toys and more toys.  I got a scooter and Transformers and Power Rangers.  I play with them all the time.  I am going to be good this Santa will come again.  I spent lots of time with my Dad since the last update and he is so crazy. My Aunt's on my Mom's side came to DC to visit and we HAD A GREAT TIME.  We played and did lots of things.  They brought my clothes from Dallas from my Grandparents.  We went bowling, out to eat, the movies, skiing, sight seeing and a lot of other stuff.  I can't wait until they come again.  A couple of weeks later I went to my Dad's Parents house for two whole weeks.  It was great to be with Papa and Memo for two weeks.  That lets us run around and play all day.  Uncle Maurice helped take care of us and Dad was there to play too.  I miss my Mom though.  Papa took me fishing and I got to play with worms and TRY to catch fish.  We did not catch much but it was fun.  After staying with them we took the long rode trip back to DC in my Dad's new car.  It was fun too...we stopped everywhere.  It was good to see Mom again.  Well I am getting enrolled in school so next year I can go to the big boy school.  My Dad says I may even get to ride the school bus.  We will see, until next time...BYE!

21 Sept 07 - FINALLY!  He did my webpage.  There are some touch-up he needs to do still but the pictures are here and I know that is what you all want to see.  I have been good the past six months.  It has been busy.  I went to Texas.  I was a Power Ranger for Halloween.  I learned to ride a bike again and we flew kites (this was fun).  The main thing I want to talk about is I started KINDERGARTEN.  It is GREAT!!! I ride the school bus by myself and I wear a uniform.  It is so much fun.  I met a lot of new friends and I am learning a lot.  I know the sounds out letter, can count to 100 and can almost read.  It just take me a really long time.  I can do a little math, learned some Spanish and I am doing my first science project.  I got my first report card and I am on the Honor Roll!  My Mom and Dad are so proud.  I was getting in trouble, but my Dad is at the school like everyday so I am being good now.  Memo and PawPaw are coming tomorrow for Thanksgiving and I am excited.  I can't wait.  I am going to play with Uncle Maurice.  Well Happy Holiday to everyone and I will talk to you when my Dad has time to do the page again!!!

23 Feb 08 - The HONOR ROLL two times!!! Yes I got on the Honor Roll two times.  I got an award from the Principle.  My Parents are so proud of me.  I a, learning so much.  My Dad taught me to count to 1000 the other day.  He is a tough teacher but I get it.  Christmas was fun. I got everything I wanted from Santa Claus.  My favorite toy was my Hot Wheels track.  We went on road trip in January to Dallas and Monroe.  I saw some of my family that I haven't seen in forever.  I saw Madear and she happy to see us.  I like traveling to new places.  We got to watch alot of SpongeBob.  I am also playing basketball now.  I like it but I don't like to dribble the ball.  I am learning.  I like to talk to the cheerleaders too.  They are funny.  My Dad told me I can't talk to the cheerleaders during the game.  I have to wait until it is over.  We also had a sleepover at my school and it was fun.  We ate pizza and plated games until 2AM.  I was really tired the next day.  In the next months I am hoping I can go see my GrandParents.

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